All bikes for hire have been carefully chosen for visitors to Ryton Pools to make the most of the trails and paths. Every bike is geared to help even the most novice cyclist to navigate the small hills and climbs in the park. In fact, we have chosen Frog bikes specifically for their low weight to help children when they try the hills.

We have cargo bikes, KMX karts for parents and children, mountain bikes and children’s mountain bikes. All bikes come with a free helmet for your safety and when unsure, instruction on how to ride the bikes.

We are open throughout the school holidays from 10.00 am until late and thereafter, subject to the weather. Please call 0797 745 8799 to confirm when the service is open from September onwards. Unless the weather is unusually good, in November we will close until the Spring – see website for opening details closer to the time.

Our bike range can cater for all sizes whether you’re big or small. The cargo bikes and KMX carts come in one size and are adjusted according to size and the mountain bikes come in small to large.

Our onsite experts will provide all the help and advice you need to find the right size and will ensure you are perfectly set up. If you need to stop for a picnic, a coffee or a rest, we also offer a bike lock to secure your bike for a small charge.


Nihola Family Cargo Bike

Parents with children under 7 can try the fantastic Nihola Family cargo bike - called the best three-wheeled cargo bike for carrying children by the Dutch Cycling Union. The cabin has enough space for two children weighing up to 100 kg to sit on the bench. You can also fix a carry-cot or car seat to the bottom of the cabin with a child or parent sitting on the bench.

KMX Karts

KMX karts have been described as “a cool fusion of go-kart, BMX and mountain bike” with a remarkable stability due to their low centre of gravity. They are fast, easy to ride and fun and kids love them. One ride and they’ll be hooked! That doesn’t mean mums and dads should miss the fun; we have KMX karts for adults too. Go on, give it a try; it really is great fun.

Children’s Frog Mountain Bikes

Most children’s bike suffer from one thing – they’re too heavy. Frog bikes aren’t. They’re lightweight, robust, comfortable, work well and look good. They’re designed with children in mind. So we have selected them with children in mind. Your kids will be able to get around Ryton Pools with ease.


Rider Height                                               Suggested Frame Size

Feet and inches          Centimetres                 Inches             Size

4’10”-5’2”                     148-158                       13-14               XS

5’2”-5’6”                       158-168                       15-16               S

5;6”-5’10”                     168-178                       17-18               M

5’10”-6’1”                     178-185                       19-20               L

6’1”-6’4”                       185-193                       21-22               XL


Children’s Sizing

Rider Height                                                  Suggested Wheel Size

Age                  Feet and inches          Centimetres                 Size

7-9 years         4’0”-4’5”                       120-135                    20”

9-11 years       4’5”-4’9”                       135-145                     24”

11+ years         4’9”+                              145+                         26”