Ryton Pools has a number of trails and paths that are all great for cycling. Much of it is flat and particularly suited to children learning to ride or who aren’t yet confident or old enough to cycle on their own. There are some undulations and hills too, but none of these are difficult. And, once up, well, the best part is coming down!

In addition to the paths and trails around the park, there is a 16 mile trail starting at Ryton Pools. Further information on the trail can be obtained by visiting



In the unlikely event of a breakdown or puncture, please call us on 0797 745 8799 and we will come and collect or repair the bike in order for you to continue.

For your safety, all bikes are fitted with trackers so we will have no problem finding you.


Before taking your bike, we will ensure that it is in good working order. In particular, we will check tyre pressures, brakes and steering. Once complete, you will be given a demonstration and instruction on the bikes and shown a copy of the safety guidance and Park Regulations before being asked to sign for the bike hire and to acknowledge the above.

The park is a lovely area and is used by nature lovers, walkers and many others. Cyclists are asked to consider other users of the park at all times and in particular when approaching people from behind whom might not hear you coming. Each bike is equipped with a bell and this should used in good time to allow you and them to take action to avoid any mishaps.

Most of the safety advice given is common sense but to help us, please follow the advice given below:

Slow down and give way to pedestrians at all times
Beware of loose and uneven surfaces
Wear a helmet at all times
Do not ride recklessly or at speeds likely to endanger the safety of others
Ride on designated paths and roads only
Observe any no-cycling notices
Don’t leave the park
Watch out for vehicles
Wear high visibility clothing
Be polite and courteous at all times
Secure luggage and bags correctly
Do not drop litter
Do not frighten or endanger any animals, particularly dogs being walked