Booking Terms & Conditions

We provide both full and summary Booking Terms & Conditions on this website.

Below is a summary of the key terms and conditions for persons hiring or using the Ryton Pools Cycle Hire facilities. For full terms and conditions please click on the link Terms to download the full version.

  1. General

Ryton Pools Cycle Hire:

Ÿ  Reserve the right to refuse bike hire or remove any person from the premises should the terms and conditions be breached.

Ÿ  May change operational hours without notice (although we will endeavour to re-book, re-schedule or refund any persons that have made an advance booking).

Ÿ  Reserve the right to change all discount rates and conditions at any time.

  1. Conditions of Hire – Responsibilities of the Hirer

The hirer:

Ÿ  Is responsible for informing all the persons included in the booking as to the Terms and Conditions of hire and all the relevant regulations of the park.

Ÿ  Must be over 18 years of age.

Ÿ  Must be responsible for and supervise children on their booking at all times.

Ÿ  Is liable for the conduct of persons included on their booking at all times.

Ÿ  Must sign for all bikes included on the booking that they are safe, in good order (tyres, brakes, steering etc) and to acknowledge that you have been offered a helmet for all persons included on the booking.

Ÿ  Is responsible for personal property and the property of those persons under your care or supervision whilst visiting Ryton Pools Cycle Hire.

  1. Conditions of Hire – Booking Terms


Ÿ  Are hired by the hour in multiples of 60 minutes. The time of hire for all bikes in your booking will commence from the time that the hire form or pad has been signed by you.

Ÿ  Must be returned prior to the agreed return time.

Ÿ  Returned beyond the agreed returned time will be subject to an excess charge which will be payable based on the first hours rate calculated on a quarter hours basis to the next quarter of an hour point.

Ÿ  Returned in advance of the return time will not be subject to a credit or refund.

Ÿ  That have a puncture or break down rendering it unrideable for the remainder of the hire period will be credited or refunded (that bike only) at the discretion of Ryton Pools Cycle Hire. If Ryton Pools Cycle Hire deem that the bike can be replaced or repaired within a reasonable time then no credit or refund will be offered. However Ryton Pools Cycle Hire will at their discretion extend the hire period for all bikes under the booking to take account of any time lost as a result of the breakdown interruption.

Ÿ  That are returned early due to an accident, ill health or for any other reason, will not be refunded or credited against any hire time that is unused.

Ÿ  Will be subject to a safe return deposit dependent on the value of the bike hired via an authorisation against a credit or bank card. This authorisation will be cancelled on the return of all bikes under your booking subject to their condition being as at the start of the hire period.

Ÿ  That are damaged during the course of hire may result in the safe return deposit being taken by Ryton Pools Cycle Hire.

Ÿ  Should be paid for by a valid credit or bank card.

Ÿ  Hired as a group may attract a group discount. A bike unit is defined as one of the following: – adult mountain bike; children’s mountain bike; cargo bike, kart. The group discount shall be applied to the gross booking amount. The group discount that is applicable is given on the Ryton Pools Cycle Hire pricelist available at Ryton Pools Cycle Hire or on the website.

In addition to the above, Ryton Pools Cycle Hire reserve the right to request suitable ID for any persons making a booking and will require the hirer to supply a valid address.

No customer credits may be carried over to the next calendar year.

  1. Conditions of Hire – Advanced Bookings

Advanced booking:

Ÿ  Shall be fully paid for in advance.

Ÿ  Discount applies to bikes hired before 5pm of the previous day.

Ÿ  Discount is applied to the gross hire amount.

Ÿ  Requires full payment in advance.

Ÿ  Requires all persons included in the booking to arrive 10 minutes prior to the booking time.

Ÿ  Payments shall not be refundable in the case of failure to show.

Ÿ  Does not guarantee an exact start time.

Ÿ  Does not guarantee specific bikes.

  1. Conditions of Hire – Safety


Ÿ  May only ride your bike within the confines of the Ryton Pools Country Park on designated shared trails, paths and roads and at the designated speeds, as laid down by Ryton Pools Cycle Hire and Ryton Pools Country Park (“the Park”). Off road cycling is prohibited in the Park.

Ÿ  May not ride in a manner that endangers yourself, any other users of the Park or any animals in the park – it is your responsibility to read and inform all others included in your booking of the safety guidelines displayed at Ryton Pools Cycle Hire and on the website and detailed in the guidance given by Warwickshire Council Country Parks in their cycling policies and on their leaflets.

Ÿ  May be refused hire should any persons in your booking that may be judged by Ryton Pools Cycle Hire to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Ÿ  Are recommended to wear the free issue cycling helmets.

Ÿ  Must have all babies wear cycling helmets in the baby seats at all times.

Ÿ  And anyone in your booking is recommended to seek medical advice before hiring should they be unfit, pregnant or of older age.

Ÿ  Are responsible for the safety and security of any children included in your booking.

Ÿ  And anyone included in your booking should keep to the speed limits that are enforced by the Park. Any offence that may be notified to Ryton Pools Cycle Hire may mean that we refuse any further bookings from you.

  1. Code of Behaviour

You must:

Ÿ  Comply with all rules, directions and safety requirements that apply to bike hire, visiting the park or Ryton Pools Cycle Hire including the Parks regulations.

Ÿ  Follow all reasonable written and verbal instructions and warnings given by the Ryton Pools Cycle Hire without objection.

Ÿ  Not behave in a way that disrupts the safety or enjoyment of other persons in the Park or the safety and well-being of animals.

Ÿ  Not be offensive, irresponsible or carry on unsafe behaviour (theft or vandalism will not be tolerated) and you may forfeit any payments already made to Ryton Pools Cycle Hire .

  1. Privacy & Marketing

Ryton Pools Cycle Hire undertake that:

Ÿ  Any emails or mobile telephone numbers that are given to us in order to complete the booking or to notify you of your advanced booking confirmation may be used for promotional marketing purposes unless you have specifically denied Ryton Pools Cycle Hire permission to do so in order to be kept updated of offers, promotions and events by Ryton Pools Cycle Hire.

Ÿ  No personal data or contact details will be passed to any third party for the purposes of marketing or for any other use.

Ÿ  We comply with the UK Data Protection Act and as such are obliged to protect any data given to us.

Ÿ  We will not hold any credit or bank card details other than for the duration of hire when the safe return hire deposit hire authorisation is active.

  1. Liability and Disclaimer

There are inherent risks in the hiring and use of bikes. As a the person making the booking you and all those included in your booking are accepting those risks of which a prudent person is or should be aware and are required to exercise good judgement and act in a responsible manner whilst using the Park and the cycles supplied by Ryton Pools Cycle Hire.
Except as otherwise prohibited by law Ryton Pools Cycle Hire is not liable to you or anyone else included in your booking or any third part, damage for any loss, injury or any incidental, indirect, special, consequential or economic loss or damage (including loss of opportunities, exemplary or punitive damages) whether to person or to property arising out of the bike hire, use of the Park or in attendance at the Ryton Pools Cycle Hire centre, whether arising from default, negligence, misconduct or otherwise by the Ryton Pools Cycle Hire and that you indemnify Ryton Pools Cycle Hire against all claims and liability.

9. Governing Law

These Terms and Conditions are governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of England. You irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England.

Ryton Pools Cycle Hire reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time without notice.